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Mixsology Classes 

During the BYOB class you will learn some great fundamental cocktail preparation presentation.Participants will create up to 2 signature cocktails to enjoy. We will provide Fresh ingredients, garnishes, ice, and cups. The host is responsible for providing alcohol (BYOB). All participants must be 21 years or older. Each attendee has the opportunity to get a take-home bartender’s kit and recipe card (additional cost will apply for bartender’s kit)

Mixology Supplies

Mobile Bartending 

Looking to get ALL your friends together for a special occasion, but DON'T have the time to plan the EVENT. Book Frankie's Mobile Bar. WE will Create you a Signature Crafted Cocktails along with a Free Shopping list. We provide Mobile Bartending services for all your events.   We can provide all non alcoholic supplies from cups to ice and fresh ingredients.BYOB Service. 

Festive Party


Now that the date is confirmed you start the planning.  We know there is a lot to do when planning a wedding, from choosing a location to how many guest you want to invite and do you want to do a OPEN BAR or CASH BAR!  So here at Frankie's Mobile Bar we want to make that decision as easy as possible. So on your SPECIAL DAY let us do the planning for you.  We create signature cocktails for all your guest to enjoy. We create a free shopping list.  We can also provide you a Portable bar along with all non alcoholic supplies from cups to ice and fresh ingredients.BYOB Service.PLEASE CONTACT US and discuss more on what you will want on YOUR SPECIAL DAY and If you book at least 90 days advance you will receive a 15% discount on the total cost.

Non Profit 

Its that time of year and your annual fundraiser is coming up and you think to yourself. How can I make this event extra special? What will make them want to donate more then last year.. A SIGNATURE CRAFTED Cocktail comes to mind.  WE can create you a signature cocktail based on your foundation for free along with free shopping list. Now if you don't have time to Shop we can also do the shopping for you. If you are going to need a temporary liquor license we can can also help out and the best thing is  All Non Profit Events get a automatic 20% off the total. SO CALL US now to BOOK YOUR NEXT EVENT. 

Collecting Donations

Corporate Events

OK so its that Time of Year and Your Companies Annual Event is Coming Up and You are thinking about How Am I going to Make this Better then LAST year. What can we do Different. Or You and Your Team Have been working LONG Hours to Hit deadlines and Not Only did you hit the Deadline but you did it with 1 day to spare. So you want to Celebrate. You want to have a Party at the OFFICE. Book us Now and not Only will we Create you a Free Signature Cocktail but We WILL do the Shopping for You. WE will make sure you have all the Supplies you need so you ALL you have to do is Enjoy the Event.  CALL US

Networking Event
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