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It all began the day my daughter was born....

Nicole has over 15 years working for high end establishments. Her passion for mixology, cocktails and her combination with excellent customer service skills and desire to always bring new ideas for creative bar service lead her to the point to open Frankie's Mobile Bar. You may ask why the name. Well in 2012 her life changed dramatically she gave birth to her daughter Frankie. Her daughter was her inspiration to finally break out on her own. She wanted to teach her you can do anything in the world if you set your mind to it

In 2019 she decided to pick up her family and move to Chattanooga, TN this is where she began to share her knowledge and help others create signature cocktails on their own.  In her BYOB mixology class you will learn the fundamentals for cocktail preparation and presentation. She will teach you what flavors compliment each other, so you can impress your family and friend at your next gathering.  

Preparing Cocktails
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